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Water Solutions Inc. offers a variety of services. Listed below are service descriptions, as well as prices for our DI tanks.

Hemodialysis Water Systems

Dave Johns installed one of the first dialysis water systems in Hawaii in 1984 at Kuakini Kidney Disease Center. Since that time, WSI has installed over 50 dialysis systems in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific. We design, install and sell a variety of dialysis water systems. We also provide local preventative maintenance services as well as emergency services for our dialysis customers. In addition, we provide thorough training to dialysis staff on the daily operation and sanitization of these systems. We stay current with AAMI guidelines on dialysis water treatment systems.


Laboratory Water Systems

Our company specializes in analyzer pretreatment water systems for Beckman Coulter & Roche analyzers.  We provide both CAP Type I & Type II water systems for analyzer feeds as well as general laboratory requirements.


Ultraviolet and Ozone Sterilizers

We carry several different manufacturers of Ozone and Ultraviolet sterilizers. 


Washer Sterilizer Pretreatment

We provide a variety of reverse osmosis (R.O.) and deionized (D.I.) water systems for pretreatment of final rinse on washer sterilizer systems. Our systems are compliant with the new AAMI TIR34 regulations for sterile processing water.

Water Softeners

We sell a variety of water softeners from light commercial units to large laundry/boiler feed units. We also re-bed and repair existing water softeners.  If you think you need a water softener or have one that needs repair, give us a call.

Reverse Osmosis Systems (R)

We love reverse osmosis (R.O.) systems and specialize in sizing the correct R.O. for our customer's application.  We carry many R.O. membranes, pumps, fittings and repair parts for R.O. systems.

Service De-ionization systems

We use mixed bed DI tanks that contain a special mixture of both cation and anion exchange resins capable of achieving the maximum water purity (18 megohm-cm at 77 F/25 C). Employed for final polishing of water from separate bed DI or other purification systems; mixed bed systems are ideal for applications requiring the highest levels of purity.

DI Tank Service Price List
Tank Size (Cu. Feet)   Monthly Rent    Regen. Fee    Replacement Cost

                .25                            $48                   $105                      $550

                1                                $70                  $208                      $1090

               1.5                             $84                   $238                     $1421

                3                               $115                 $352                     $2173

               3.6                            $139                 $399                     $ 2421

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