Water Solutions Will Get the Job Done


Water Solutions Incorporated is the leading supplier of high-purity water purification systems in Hawaii. We have the only Service Deionized Regeneration Facility in the State. We pride ourselves on our local onsite support of all the systems we sell and service


Our Markets


   . Dialysis Water Systems                                       . Biotech

   . Healthcare/Sterile Processing                              . Bottled Water Plants

   . Power Generation                                              . Beverage Plants

   . Clinical Laboratory Water Systems                        . Dental Clinics

   . Research Facilities                                              . Hotels

   . Commercial Water Softeners                               . Window Washers

   . Boiler Feed Water                                              . University Labs

Quality Systems

We have a dedication to our clients, and that is reflected in the quality work we produce. Our wide selection of premium systems and innovative, customized solutions allow any business to receive the water it deserves.

Quality Service

The most important part of Water Solutions is quality. Our highly skilled workers receive specialized training to make them truly ready to serve our customers. These technicians are able to quickly and efficiently install, repair, and maintenance all WSI systems, and will be dispatched at a moments notice if the need arises.

A Legacy Of Professionalism



Water Solutions Incorporated has the faith and trust of some of the largest companies operating on the islands. Chevron, Tripler, Coca-Cola, and Kaiser Permenente are just a few of the companies with which we hold contracts. 

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